Your Word is a Lamp…

Psalm 119 verse 105 says:
“Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path.”

Isaiah 30 verse 21 says:
“Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,
‘This is the way, walk in it,’
Whenever you turn to the right hand
Or whenever you turn to the left.”

The book of Psalms are attributed to
King David, as being the writer.
And David was known as a man
Who was after God’s own heart.

To be “after someone’s heart”
Is to be intimate with them
Seeking them out where ever they may be
And, indeed whenever it is possible to be with them.

Many people who have “fallen in love”
Will be familiar with this description
Or those who have had a “love at first sight” experience

All you want is the other person
You stare into each others eyes
Totally lost in their beauty
Listening to every word spoken
Shutting out the world around you
Devoted, dedicated to the love of your life

Now this is not true for everyone
But hopefully you can at least imagine the picture
And unfortunately, at least as far as people go
This picture does NOT last

But not so with God…
At least NOT from His perspective
For He LOVES US – completely
And always will
Because we are His creation

And so when you put the two illustrations together
Our view of Love and God’s view
You come to realise that when you fall in love with God
He is NOT simply another human being,
Who might eventually let you down
But rather He is God, faithful, true, reliable
And He will NEVER let you down

The love between you and God
Will never fade – because of who He is
And He will always be there for you
His will for you is always GOOD

Like the perfect lover, He woos and caresses
Is gentle and kind, softly spoken
To the love of His life

And He waits for us
And never forces His will
But lets us choose to follow or not
To go His way or to go our own
Rest assured that His way is the BEST

So when He talks to us
Often it is in a whisper
Which causes us to pay attention
For only those who concentrate
And take the time and effort to listen
Will hear what is being said

Pretty much like when we fell in love
Only hearing what the other had to say
Wanting to dwell on every word they said…

So it is with God
And He is patient
Time is no limit for Him
He can wait, until we are ready to listen

For He says: “This is the way, walk in it”
And He gives us a lamp or a lantern
Which sheds light on our path
So that we will not stumble
But walk safely and securely
With HIM…

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