You only sing when you’re winning…

This is a familiar “chant” in football – and probably many sports
And rings true for most of us as regards the weather

I was out this morning with the Lord
And it was raining
My first day of getting soaked
And it was lovely and refreshing

At first, I wasn’t so sure
But then thought about how much I love a shower
“So what’s the difference?”
My mind said to me

And so I started to laugh
Because there was no difference
Skin, after all, doesn’t LEAK!

And as is usual for me, in my times with the Lord
I started to look and to listen
While I walked along, praying in tongues
And was not hearing Him too well

But then I heard it – the silence
The birds were not singing
Or at least, I couldn’t hear them

The raindrops were falling
But the birds were quiet
And then I started to think
“You only sing when it’s not raining”

I’ve said this before
How much of life do we take for granted?
How much is going on all around us that we miss?

God made the earth for His pleasure
It ALL matters and is important
When will we next “take the time”?

That STILL, small…VOICE?

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