Write what you hear

"Thus speaks 
the Lord God of Israel, 
‘Write in a book 
for yourself 
all the words 
that I have 
spoken to you."
(Jeremiah 30:2)

Write what you HEAR

What are you hearing?

"the sheep follow (Jesus), 
for they know his voice."
(John 10:4)

So often, as Christians
We LIMIT our relationship
With God...
To what happens 
On a Sunday...

Some may extend that
Relationship to one or two
Other meetings 
Throughout the week

A few, rare radicals
Actually walk with God DAILY
As they KNOW that He
Will never leave them
Nor forsake them...

BUT in most cases
Where ever you find yourself
We tend to think of God
Speaking in terms of the Bible
Or "HOLY" things...

So I ask again...
"What are you hearing"
"Do you KNOW His voice"?

Someone I know
Say something different...


That was it
One word

Now in a way
The person started to 
Have a conversation
With God...

What does "Comb" mean?
Is this a picture?
Should I be analysing this?

But as the person thought about it
They actually started to LOOK 
For their comb...
And realised that they didn't
Have it with them...

NOW the skeptics 
May start dismissing this...

"You can't honestly believe
That this is God speaking"?
"Don't be so silly!"
"It's just your intuition"
"You simply remembered
Something you had forgotten"

Part of this dilemma
Comes from the difference
Between Jewish and Christian

As Christians we tend
To compartmentalise
Our lives...

Whereas Jews
Consider life
As a whole...

God is NOT simply 
"A part" of our lives
But is involved 
In every aspect
Of our lives

In this way
He is as concerned
About whether or not
We have forgotten something
As He is about our worship
And our relationship
With Him...

I say all this
As I am finding myself
"Writing what I hear"
On a more often basis
Or indeed Daily

If you look back 
Over my writings
There were days and 
Sometimes weeks
When I did not write...

It wasn't that God
Wasn't talking...
Or even that I 
Wasn't listening...

But I was waiting...
For "that" piece
Of "holy" writing...

And God WANTS me
"To write what I hear"

And in so doing
To encourage YOU
To HEAR more clearly
To YOU...

The sad truth of the matter
Is that God HAS been speaking
To ME and to YOU

But because it hasn't been
"With Bells and Whistles"
Or we haven't felt any
"Goose Bumps"
We have DISMISSED it
As NOT being from God...

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