Write in a book

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,
the First and the Last,” and,
“What you see,
write in a book
and send it to
the seven churches
which are in Asia:
to Ephesus,
to Smyrna,
to Pergamos,
to Thyatira,
to Sardis,
to Philadelphia,
and to Laodicea.””
(Revelation 1:11)

“Thus speaks
the Lord God of Israel,
‘Write in a book
for yourself
all the words
that I have
spoken to you.”
(Jeremiah 30:2)

We have here two prophecies
The second from
The prophet Jeremiah
And the first
The prophecy shown to John

In both cases God said:
“Write in a book”

The first – what you SEE
The second – what you HEAR

Are you eagerly
Listening for the voice of God?

Is God showing you things…
And you seeing them?

We ALL have eyes to see
And ears to hear…
But sometimes and especially
Regarding spiritual things…
We are NOT using them…

This very much puts
The responsibility and the blame
At OUR feet…

We need to understand
That God is trying to
Communicate with us

It is NOT His fault
If anyone is lacking…
It is ourselves…

If you are hungry for God
And for the things of God…

If you are seeking Him
And seeking His face…

You WILL find Him
You WILL hear His voice…
You WILL see Him…

And for some, not all…
He says:
“Write in a book”
What you HEAR
And what you SEE…

So that it can be shared
With others

In these two cases
John and Jeremiah
What they saw and heard
Became part of the Bible

But God is still speaking today
God is still showing
People things…
Revealing Himself to them…

For some it is for themselves
For others it is to be shared…

So “write it in a book”…

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