Write in a book (2022)

“Thus speaks the Lord God of Israel, saying: 
‘Write in a book for yourself 
all the words that I have spoken to you.' "
(Jeremial 30:2)

I first spoke about this
Back in March 2020

Now 2 years later
I find myself returning
To this need to:
"Write in a book for myself..."

"All the words that God speaks to me"

The "book" is this website:
(Or on WhatsApp to various individuals)

But I feel the yearning of the Lord
For me to WRITE what He says to me...

And in sharing it with you...
That you too will do something similar

The first problem that most experience
Is the "hearing God part"...

But let me assure you...
He IS speaking to you
And sometimes may well be 
"SHOUTING" at you

And...YET...we do NOT hear

The second problem may well be:
"Who do I share it with?"

The answer to that will always be personal

Everyone is not required
To create a website, like I have

But whatever you decide to do
WRITE down whatever you 
Hear or think that God is speaking to you

He will tell you what to do with it THEN...

The most important bit for me
Is that I sense His yearning...
His leading...
His wanting me to simply write 
What He is speaking to me

As simple as this sounds
It's actually quite scary

Stepping out into unknown territory

I have been writing on the Bible
You could say a Commentary
Taking thoughts from various passages

I know that whatever He says to me
Can be referenced from the Bible
But it may not be...
Chapter and verse...

And so you get to see my apprehension

If what I write is FROM the Bible
Then - it IS God, or at least from God

If I simply write words...
How can I be sure?

And so I remember a time...
In 1986... I think
When something similar 
Was happening to me...
And I said "NO"

But today I say "YES"
And so will start to write 
Whatever He says to me...
And tells me to write...

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