Why, Who and What do we Follow?

Why do we do what we do?

Simple question…
But the answer is not so…

People are not made the same
And “YES”, I know the obvious
Male and female

I am not talking about gender
But about personalities
About character
About Leaders
About Followers
About Doers

There are those who Lead
And then there are those who Follow

Sometimes there may be those who
Who try to MAKE people Lead
But are not willing to “step up”
And take the Lead themselves…

““See that you say nothing to anyone;
but go your way,
show yourself to the priest,
and offer for your cleansing
those things which Moses commanded,
as a testimony to them.
he went out and began to proclaim it freely,
and to spread the matter,
so that Jesus could no longer
openly enter the city,
but was outside in deserted places;
and they came to Him from every direction.”
(Mark 1:44 – 15)

This is what happened to Jesus
When someone tried to PUSH Him…

Jesus still continued to Lead
But was limited to do so from
“deserted places”

The character of His purpose
And Leadership was evident
In that people still continued
To “seek Him out”
And “Follow Him”

Who then, do you Follow?

Do you “seek out” Jesus?
Who, even today, is often found
In “deserted places”

Or are you part of the millions
Who Follow this fad and the “next thing”
Wanting to be “part of the IN crowd”?

Are you willing to be “different”?
To be an individual…
Thinking for yourself…
And making up your own mind…
About how things should be…?

Why, Who and What do YOU Follow?

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