Why do we do what we do?

I wrote, back in August, about 
Habits and Routines...
Which have their place
And generally are very good

However, sometimes
They can lead to BAD habits
In the sense that we
Can "Limit God" by our "Habits"

How often do we find
That when we interact with God
Especially, say, in the area of healing
That we find a "way" of 
Ministering to people
That resulted in a "healing"...
Either partial or complete!

We then proceed to adopt
This "method" as if it
Were the "ONLY" way
To minister...

And so we "apply" our "method"
And STOP interacting with God
Since we now KNOW how it works...?

Now that may seem to be
A bit too severe for some...

But on careful inspection
And honest examination
Of ourselves...
Is that not what we are 
Tempted to do...?

We become over-zealous
And buoyed by "our" success
And "forget" that it is His Power
Within and through us
That brings about any change
In the first place...

The answer, of course, is to seek Him
To always choose to interact with God

(And as I was thinking about this last bit
I received an email which says this:
I Hear His Whisper...
Always long for more of Me.)

No matter what you do
For Him and with Him
Be careful that you always
Include Him...

Do not fall into the trap
Of thinking that you can
Do "whatever" without Him...
Because you have "learned"
How to...

He is "the same, yesterday, today..."
But He chooses to do things

Just look at how Jesus ministered
And how He didn't always
Do the "same" thing...

Listen out for His Whisper... 
And long for more of Him...
And "do" whatever He leads
You to do...

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