Whose side are you on?

Obviously I mean…
Are you for Jesus?
Or, are you against Jesus?

Simple and easy question
That most would answer…
“I am on the side of Jesus!”

But are you?

Could there possibly be a way
Where you wouldn’t?

“Then one was brought to Him
who was demon-possessed,
blind and mute;
and He healed him,
so that the blind and mute man
both spoke and saw.
And all the multitudes
were amazed and said,
“Could this be the Son of David?””
(Matthew 12:22 – 23)

This is the introduction to
The scene in Matthew 12:22 – 30

The multitudes (who were Jews)
Were waiting for the Messiah
All Jews believed that God
Would send His Messiah to Israel
As it had been prophesied

And since this “Man” Jesus
Healed the sick and cast out demons…
“Could He be the One?”
“Could He be the Son of David?”
“Could He be the Messiah?”

They were starting to believe…
Because of what they heard and saw

What follows is the opposite
Reaction of the Pharisees
And the counter reaction of Jesus
To the accusation of the Pharisees

And Jesus ends by saying this:
“He who is not with Me is against Me”
(Matthew 12:30)

Now I started by asking the question:
“Whose side are you on?”

And we may think the correct answer
Is Jesus

But is our answer based on Who He Is?
Or simply because it is Jesus…

Have we thought about these terms:
Son of David
The One?

Or what is the importance of Jesus
“Healing” people
Or “Casting out demons”?

Or what does it mean:
“To be WITH Jesus?”

To help explain this last bit
Think about Sport

In Sport we may follow Teams or a Team
We do as the other Supporters do
We know the names of the Team

We will either attend the games
Or watch them on TV (if we can)
But at least we will follow the results

In a similar way…
How “WITH” Jesus are we?

Are we like the multitudes
Who followed Him to hear Him
Preach and Teach?

Are we like the multitudes
Who brought their sick to Him
For Him to heal?

Or are we like the Pharisees
Who felt threatened by Him?

“We could lose our way of life
If we were to let ourselves
“Believe” in this Man”

For whether we like it or not
As Jesus Himself said:
“He who is not with Me is against Me”
(Matthew 12:30)

Jesus being the Son of David should
Make a big impact on us
And have great influence on our lives

If our idea of being with Him
Is a casual nod or a “thumbs up”
Can we say we are truly with Him?

And if we are not truly with Him
Then surely that means we must
Be against Him

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