Who then can be saved?

“Who then can be saved?”
(Matthew 19:25)

This was the response of the Disciples
When Jesus said:
“Assuredly, I say to you that it is hard
for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.”
(Matthew 19:23)

Sad to say, we usually think of wealth
And riches when we read this
Especially as it comes after the
Rich young ruler who came to Jesus
Seeking what “he could do” to
Gain eternal life

But if we think back on that story in
Matthew 19:16 – 22 we may find another
Explanation for Jesus making this declaration

It is true that this young man was RICH
As far as the world judges riches
And he found it impossible to part
With his riches as Jesus had suggested
That he should do…

But was he perhaps RICH in another way…?
RICH in the sense that he depended upon himself

RICH at a basic level is something that
We give VALUE to

And most people VALUE themselves
In what they can do or achieve by themselves

This self-sufficiency is more likely what Jesus
Was talking about

The kingdom of heaven is ruled by a king
And His name is Jesus

Kings and Queens are to be honoured
And approached humbly

Anyone who has ever met Queen Elizabeth
Has bowed or curtsied to honour her

How much more then does Jesus deserve…?

When we are RICH and consider ourselves
Better than others
“It is hard…to enter the kingdom of heaven”

The RICH young man did not need Jesus
Rather all that he was seeking was
Information so that he could save himself

But if we will humble ourselves
And bow to Jesus
Accepting that He has done it all
And trusting and believing in Him
We will receive the FREE gift of eternal life
That is His to give

You can only receive a gift from someone
If you first come to them to receive it

So have you come to Him yet?

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