Who said that you were naked?

“And He said,
“Who told you that you were naked?” “
(Genesis 3:11)

“Also for Adam and his wife
the Lord God made tunics of skin,
and clothed them.”
(Genesis 3:21)

Where did the “tunics of skin”
Come from?

The Lord God MUST have
Killed an animal
To provide a “tunic of skin”
As clothing…
As a covering…
For Adam and Eve

But why is this important…?

Adam and Eve SINNED
Payment had to be made
For THAT sin

An animal died
Blood was shed
Forgiveness was achieved
And Adam and Eve
Were restored…
At least partially…

I say partially
As an animal CANNOT
Be a PERFECT sacrifice
For a HUMAN…

ONLY Jesus could do that
Which He did at Calvary

“When Jesus saw their faith,
He said to the paralytic,
“Son, your sins are forgiven you.” “
(Mark 2:5)

All of this is a bit of a LONG
Explanation and introduction
Into Mark chapter 2…

For the Jews…
In fact, for everybody…
ONLY God can forgive SINS…

The Jews had and were
Sacrificing animals
For the forgiveness of SINS

And NOT just at Passover
With a pure, unblemished

Animals were being
Sacrificed all the time
For the sins of the people

So when Jesus said:
“Son, your sins are forgiven you.”
(Mark 2:5)
Some of the Jews reasoned
That Jesus was speaking

This MERE man was claiming
To be God…

For us, at times
We struggle with this
As we KNOW Jesus to BE God

We need to have an understanding
Of the Jewish practices
To see how and why they
Reacted to Jesus
In the way that they did…

Practices that were given
To them by God…

But as I started…
In the Garden of Eden
God killed an animal
To provide forgiveness
For Adam and Eve’s sin

An animal for man’s sin

NOW Jesus is declaring
Forgiveness of sin
For He knew why He had come
A Man for a man…
Or rather, the Son of Man
For ALL men…

Just as Adam and Eve HAD to
Receive the “tunics of skin”
From God, to cover their nakedness

So too do we HAVE to
Receive Jesus, the Son of Man
As the payment for OUR sin

In the story
Jesus said:
“I say to you, arise,
take up your bed,
and go to your house.”
(Mark 2:11)

“Immediately he arose,
took up the bed,
and went out in the
presence of them all”
(Mark 2:12)

The sick man…
The paralytic…
By his OWN free will…
And by his OWN effort…
Made a decision…

To TRUST Jesus…
That he WAS healed…
And that he WAS forgiven…



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