Who is My mother, or My brothers?

“Who is My mother, or My brothers?”
(Mark 3:33)

When we look at this final section
Of Mark chapter 3…
We need to “set the scene”
By reminding ourselves
Of what has taken place

Mark 2:1 tells us that
Jesus and His Disciples
Are in Capernaum
Which is situated on the
North West coast of
The Sea of Galilee

At the beginning of Chapter 3
They have gone back to
The synagogue

Jesus healed a man
While in the synagogue
And a multitude gathered
Around Him and His Disciples

Jesus withdrew for a time
To choose His twelve Disciples
And returned to the house
Which became over-run
By the multitude

People flocked to Jesus

They wanted to listen to Him
They wanted Him to heal their sick
They followed Him…

This was all happening
In the same place

The crowds…
The locals, who were getting
Embarrassed by His actions
And people thronging Him


“Then His brothers and His mother came,
and standing outside they sent to Him,
calling Him.
And a multitude was sitting around Him;
and they said to Him,
“Look, Your mother and Your brothers
are outside seeking You.” “
(Mark 3:31 – 32)

I want to suggest that as Christians
We belong to TWO families
As a means to explain
What Jesus is saying HERE…

We have a Natural
Flesh and Blood family
The one we were born into

For Jesus, that was His mother
And His brothers who were
Standing outside, calling to Him
(Mark 3:31 – 32)

Then we also have a Spiritual
Heavenly family
Our Born Again family
Brothers and Sisters IN Christ
Spiritual fathers and mothers

And this is what Jesus meant
When He referred to the people
Sitting around Him

“Here are My mother and My brothers!
For whoever does the will of God is
My brother and My sister and mother.”
(Mark 3:34)

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