Who is God and where is He?

Who is God?

Many people ask this question
As they sometimes get confused
With the terms that are, so often, used

God the Father…
Jesus Christ…
The Holy Spirit…

Which is it…?
Is there one God?
Or, are there three?

Strange as it may sound…
The answer is YES

Though clearly there only is ONE God
Who has presented Himself to us
As being, or having, three faces
Or three personas

In an attempt to explain this
I wish to put forward this view

In the beginning God created
Heaven and earth

God was distant…
Unknown to man…

But God revealed Himself
To man…
First to Adam whom He created
Then to Abraham
And also to Moses
To mention a few…

God was OTHER…
In the sense that
He was “Outside” man

Now we know that
God IS everywhere
But people in the beginning
Didn’t have this revelation
And knowledge…

So God presented Himself
To man when He chose to
And, with the Law, showed
Himself to be Holy…

THEN God became a Man
Born of a virgin…
Jesus the Christ…
The anointed one…
One of us in every way
Except in the area of SIN
As He was and is sinless

So God was ON the earth
And yet, at the same time,
In Heaven…

Jesus helps us in this…
By calling God, Father
Our Father…

So we have God identified
As being our heavenly Father
With Jesus His Son
Living amongst man
On earth…

Clearly a mystery!

Seems strange to write that
“Clearly a mystery!”
For how can a “mystery”

And yet, it is the TRUTH…

Later in Jesus’ earthly ministry
He introduces the Holy Spirit
Who will replace Him
When He returns to the Father

And so we have what we call
The Trinity
Father, Son and Holy Spirit

All three are the ONE God
Yet are able to be manifest
At the same time…

As I said above…
Clearly a mystery!
Which it is by revelation
Understood, believed
And accepted as Truth

So this is God

And NOW He is with us
With those who believe
And trust in Jesus

Our bodies are a temple
Of the Holy Spirit
Who literally DWELLS
Within us

Our born again spirit
Is the spirit of Jesus
Identical to Him

And we talk to our Father
Who is within us…
Even though He is also
In heaven…

Another mystery

Since God is ONE
When you have one aspect
Of Him with you and in you
The Holy Spirit…

By definition
You also have Jesus
And the Father as well

So where is God?
He is in you
He is with you
And He is in heaven
All at the same time

One final thought…
Strange as it may sound
You too, as a believer
Are also in heaven…
Right now:

“But God…
raised us up together,
and made us sit together
in the heavenly places
in Christ Jesus”
(Ephesians 2:4 – 6)

Clearly a mystery!

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