Who do you have faith in?

Many people will immediately say…
Others may say – “Jesus”

But how many will say…

Or perhaps, “the weather”?

“On the same day,
when evening had come,
He said to them,
“Let us cross over
to the other side.” “
(Mark 4:35)

“But He said to them,
“Why are you so fearful?
How is it that you have no faith?”
And they feared exceedingly,
and said to one another,
“Who can this be,
that even the wind
and the sea obey Him!” “
(Mark 4:40 – 41)

In this final section of Mark 4
Many people get caught up
In what is said at the end:
“Who can this be,
that even the wind
and the sea obey Him!”
(Mark 4:41)

The Disciples were in awe
And wonder…

And in so many ways
We are too…

And yet we MISS what
The section is all about
Mark 4:35 – 41

Jesus SAID…
“Let us cross over
to the other side.”
(Mark 4:35)

Jesus KNEW that they
Would “make it”
To the other side

And if He said it
(Which He did)
Then that was all
There was to it…

Some of the Disciples
Were fishermen…

They KNEW how the
Sea of Galilee could
Sometimes be…

Sudden squalls
Raging wind and water

And they had FAITH
In what took place on
The Sea of Galilee…

As fishermen they also
Had FAITH in themselves

FAITH in their skills
At dealing with the
Wind and the raging seas…

And many of us…
Are NO different…

But will we be like who
The Disciples came to be?

People who trusted
And put their FAITH
In Jesus…?

Jesus spoke it…
And it happened…

But remember I have said before
That the Bible is like a mirror…

We LOOK into a mirror
To SEE how we look…

Spiritually, we need to LOOK
Inside the Bible…
To find out who we REALLY
Are IN Christ…

We want to be…
And identify ourselves…
As being the righteousness
Of God in Christ Jesus
(2 Corinthians 5:21)

But this same Bible tells us
That no plague shall come near
Our dwelling…
(Psalm 91:10)

And many, many more
Scriptures, promises
And testimonies of who we ARE
IN Christ…

So do you truly have FAITH in Jesus?

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