Which Habits or Routines?

Now that we have established
That Discipleship is between us and God
We can rely on Him to change us
In the area of our Discipline

As we submit to His Lordship
We can focus on new
Habits and Routines

And as the title says:
Which ones?

The answer should be obvious:
His ones.

And yet we are good at missing this

“For bodily exercise profits a little,
but godliness is profitable for all things”
(1 Timothy 4:8)

Losing weight, as I mentioned before
Is very topical at this time of year
But have we ever asked God?
Whether or not we should
Rather than assuming we should
Lose weight?

The Media will tell you that
You should “look” a certain way
Other people will tell you to:
“Get into shape”

But is God as concerned as
Other people or even ourselves?

The Bible tells us in 1 Timothy 4:8
That bodily exercise profits a little

So according to the Bible
There is “some” benefit
To exercising, if only a little

However, it goes on to say
That godliness is profitable
For ALL things

Now the question that some may want to ask
Is whether or not being fat or over-weight
Can be considered as being “godly”
Therefore you should exercise

As with all things
Both in life as well as the Bible
I believe there should be balance

The Bible does not condemn exercise
Rather it promotes godliness

But my question is still the same
Rather than trying to work out “our way”
Should we not ask God what He wants

Let me answer this from my recent experience
My question was:
Should I change my diet or exercise more?
Or perhaps even a combination of both?

This I am sure many people consider
Time and time again

But then I asked another question:
What do you want Lord?
How do you see me?
Which brought me back to Discipleship

And by His Grace, the Discipline to change
Change my Habits and Routines

You see, God’s Grace is something
He gives us because of what
Jesus has already done

By His Grace we are saved

There is nothing I can do
To save myself
Other than to rely on
What Jesus has already done

In a similar way
By His Grace
My Habits and Routines
Can change…

So maybe instead of
Trying to find new
Habits and Routines…

Why not ask Him
And rely on His Grace
To bring them to pass

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