When you walk in the Spirit…

When you walk in the Spirit
Amazing things happen

My experience, over the past few years
With the people I help to disciple
Is the uncanny things that happen

We talk about the things of God
And share situations and ideas together
And the next day or even sooner
The EXACT same topic appears
In a Christian journal
Or a Christian TV program
And we are just blown away

WOW – that’s what we were talking about!

Today as I started with Holy Communion
I got to think about that first Passover
When they ate the lamb…
How much of it did they eat?

Now we, today eat the meat of the lamb
But I wondered – did they eat it all?
The eyes, the brains, the organs
And I didn’t know…
I wasn’t sure…
But I wondered…

And the next day
A miracle took place
ALL of their sicknesses and weaknesses
“He also brought them out with silver and gold,
And there was none feeble among His tribes.”
(Psalm 105:37)

The blood which was applied to
The doorposts and the lintel
Caused the death angel to Pass Over
Which resulted in LIFE
Life for all who lived in the house


This is what I was thinking of sharing today
And then I received the following
Devotional from Joseph Prince
And God answered the questions
That were in my heart


He can do the same for you
ONLY believe
God answers prayer
Even sometimes before it is asked

And He confirms that you are
Hearing from Him
He is faithful and true


He also brought them out
with silver and gold,
and there was none feeble
among His tribes.
Psalm 105:37

When the children of Israel were slaves in Egypt,
they lived in poverty and faced daily hardships
from their cruel taskmasters.
Scars and fresh lashes from their
masters’ whips covered their bodies.
The blistering heat of Egypt
caused excruciating sores to fester.
Many of them were bent over
because of the long hours spent
carrying tons of bricks and mortar.
Slaving away for long hours
under harsh conditions added years to them.
And with no proper nourishment,
many of them were feeble and emaciated.

But something happened to them
on the night of the Passover
(see Exodus 12).
With the blood of the lamb
applied on their doorposts,
they came under God’s protection.
And inside their homes,
as instructed by God,
they ate the lamb roasted in fire.

I believe that those who were blind
ate the eyes of the lamb,
believing that the perfect eyes of the
lamb would give them perfect vision.
If they had heart conditions,
they ate the heart of the lamb,
believing that their hearts
would beat strong again.
And if they were lame,
they ate the legs of the lamb,
believing that they would be
frisking like lambs.

And when morning came,
something new and miraculous happened to them.
They went forth with God no
longer as slaves but free people.
They were no longer poor and needy,
but possessed silver and gold
given to them by the Egyptians.
And none of them—there were about 2.5 million
of them—were feeble or sickly!

If this was what the children of Israel
experienced after partaking of
the Passover lamb,
which was only a shadow or type of Christ,
how much more will we who
have come under the covering of
the holy blood of Jesus,
the true Lamb of God,
experience such blessings?

When you put your trust
in the Lamb of God who was burnt
by God’s fiery judgment meant for us,
you will go forth daily,
neither poor nor feeble,
but abundantly supplied and divinely
strengthened in Christ!

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