When I wake up in the morning…

Do you ever feel unsure in the morning…?
Do you ever wake up and wonder…?
What today is going to be like….?

This morning, at first, there was a beautiful mist in the valley
Now, as I write, the mist has disappeared
To be replaced by a light blue sky with thin clouds
The sun is shining
And there is a “good feeling” in the air

And yet, as I know only too well…
All this could be totally different…
In an hour or two

Isn’t it wonderful to KNOW Hebrews 13:8
“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever”

Why do we allow ourselves to be so influenced by the “Weather”!?
It comes and goes
It is only fleeting
It changes with the seasons
With the time of year

But HE is a more sure and certain reality
He NEVER changes
The same yesterday, today and forever
What an encouraging reality

No matter how I “feel”
He still LOVES me
And will always love me
WOW – that is so encouraging

So as we wake up in the morning
Decide, choose to wake up with that thought
With that reality


And get on with your day
With HIM

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