What must I do…

Luke 18
Matthew 19
Mark 10

There was a rich young ruler who came to Jesus
He had a question:
“What must I do…”

This is so simple
That we so often miss it
He asked:
“What must I DO…”

His focus was on HIMSELF
His focus was NOT on JESUS
On WHAT Jesus could DO for him

When I talk with people and minister to them
So many times when we talk about God,
When we talk about the love of God
And how He IS love

People will respond by saying:
“Oh, I do love God”
Or, “God wants us to love Him”
Or such like…

Now I am not saying that we are not to love God
But the focus, our focus, so often is WRONG
It’s NOT about what WE can DO
Rather, it is about WHO He IS
And about WHAT He HAS done

Our FOCUS should be on HIM

God LOVES us
He delights in blessing US
He wants to give US so much

This morning, while I was out walking
A bit earlier than usual
I saw two deer in a nearby field

Why I stopped where I did – I don’t know…
And why I turned around, as I did – I don’t know why…
But I am so, so glad that I did – as I saw these two deer
One dark brown and the other a lighter brown
WOW – what a beautiful sight – at 5:45am

And it BLESSED me
And I felt His pleasure with me
Allowing me to share that wonderful sight
Early on a Wednesday morning
It reminded me of His LOVE for me

Something so simple
Part of His creation
Natural and free
And it reminded me of His LOVE for me

When I was hearing the Gospel story 38 years ago
I was hearing John 3:16 being described in a personal way
Instead of the word “world” – put my name
And do the same throughout the verse

So it reads like this:
“For God so loved Alan that He gave His only begotten Son
That if Alan would believe in Him
Alan would not perish
But Alan would have eternal life”

God, Almighty God LOVES me
So much
That He gave His Son
His ONLY Son
To die for me

It’s not about what I must do
Or even about what I can do for God
It’s ALL about Him
And what He has ALREADY done for me and us

The question IS, or should be
Will YOU believe it?

Will YOU believe what the Lord Jesus Christ has already DONE for you?
Will YOU believe and receive the salvation He has already PAID for you?
Or will YOU doubt and do without?

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