What must I do (Part 2)

If Jesus has done it all…
(And He has)
What then is there for me to do?

But hold on a minute
I HAVE to do SOMETHING – surely?

Well of course we do
But the reason WHY we do something
Is more important
Indeed is of the utmost importance

Are we DOING things to be accepted?
Accepted by Jesus?
To be loved by Him – Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

Do we DO things because we ARE already accepted?
Already loved
Already worthy – because as born again believers we ARE a NEW creation
(2 Corinthians 5:17 & 18a)
We HAVE the spirit of Jesus in our spirit
God looks at us and sees PERFECT
In the beloved

My DOING of anything
Then comes out of a response to His love for me
Because He loves me and I love Him
I WANT to please and follow the one who loves me
All of my DOING is because He loves me and I love Him

It’s like these writings
These devotionals
Anyone who knows me
Knows I’m more Mathematical than Literary
He has directed me to write
I WRITE what I hear Him say to me
I write what is in my heart

Perhaps, even, I am more Literary than I ever realised
At the end of the day
HE knows me best

I say this because I actually enjoy writing these
Because I know it pleases Him
And what pleases Him, gives me joy

So in conclusion for today
Do NOT get lost in my apparent ramblings about ME
But rather look at yourself
And ask the questions:
“Is what I am doing ALL that there is for me to do for Him?”
“Or does He have something else for me to do, because He loves me and wants to touch other people, through me?”

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