What kind of spirit do you have?

“Now may the God of peace
Himself sanctify you completely;
and may your whole spirit,
soul, and body be preserved
blameless at the coming
of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
(1 Thessalonians 5:23)

Paul is talking to the Thessalonians
And he refers to them as being
Made up of three (3) parts:

So as far as the Bible is concerned
We are NOT simply flesh and blood

Hopefully most people will
Acknowledge this as we also have
A mind, a will, emotions, feelings,
A temperament and personality…
To name a few

As humans we are complex beings

But the Bible simplifies this
By stating that we are made up
Of three parts

We have a body…
Pretty obvious hopefully
The flesh and blood part

But we also have a soul
And a spirit
Which may not be as obvious

“So God created man
in His own image;
in the image of God
He created him;
male and female
He created them.”
(Genesis 1:27)

“God is Spirit,
and those who
worship Him
must worship in
spirit and truth.”
(John 4:24)

The first quote from Genesis
Could lead to the mistaken view
That God is a man

However, when read together
With the verse from John 4
We not only SEE that God
Is a Spirit but can conclude
That we must be spiritual
Beings also

So we are made of flesh and blood
Our bodies…
But we also have a spirit
Made in the image of God

Before the Fall
Adam and Eve were in tune
With God their creator

After the Fall they died…
No longer ONE with God

When a person hears the Gospel
And commits with their mind
And their will (their soul)
To following Jesus and trusting
In Him as not ONLY the Saviour
Of the world…
But their own personal Saviour
And Lord of their lives…

They receive the Spirit of Jesus
(the Holy Spirit) into their spirit
And are Born Again
A new creation…
(2 Corinthians 5:17)

So a person without Jesus
Is spiritually dead

A person who is Born Again
Is with Jesus and is
Spiritually alive

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