What is it that you need rid of?

What are the things that we hold on to?
What do we put up with?
Or what do we see in others
That they really could do without?

Jesus healed people
Jesus set people free from sickness

Not because He was Jesus…
But because He was filled with the
Holy Spirit and power…

Jesus is our example
We are meant to copy Him…
To do the things that He did…
Because we ARE people
Filled with the Holy Spirit
And power…

Jesus cast out an “unclean spirit”
(Mark 1:25)

Jesus healed Simon’s mother-in-law
Of a fever
(Mark 1:31)

The Disciples did similar things
(Mark 6:30 & Luke 9:10)

I have ministered to people
And seen them healed

God healing people is
He did it in the Old Testament
Jesus did it as did His Disciples
And He is doing it today

Will you let yourself be part of the

Let His power flow in and through
Your life…

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