What is it that Peter said…?

How much emphasis is put on WHAT
People say?

Or do we ever stop to think
WHY someone says what they said?

Now don’t get me wrong…
I am NOT saying that it isn’t
Important WHAT people say

But I think we need to consider
The motives behind WHAT
People say

Now in the case of Peter
Jesus asked him a question
And once Peter had given
Jesus an answer…

Jesus said this:
“flesh and blood has not
revealed this to you,
but My Father who is in heaven.”
(Matthew 16:17)

MUCH has been written about
WHAT Peter said
And you can go and read it
In Matthew 16

But I want us to consider
What Jesus has said in
Matthew 16:17

Peter and the Disciples
Lived with Jesus and Jesus
With them

They enjoyed His presence
And received the Holy Spirit
From Him to minister themselves

And because of this
Peter HEARD the Father
Speak to him

Now Peter may not have heard
The audible voice of God
But, as Jesus said, he received
The words that he said
From the Father

WE, as Christians, HAVE the
Holy Spirit indwelling us
And we too can HEAR the
Voice of the father

So as we are mindful of Him
And dwell with Him
The words that WE speak
Will more and more be
His words

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