What is a HUG?

Close, personal and intimate
When two people come together

The act of welcome between friends
People who want assurance and to reassure those whom they love
A simple greeting involving touch
Without any connotations of anything inappropriate

We feel accepted and loved when we HUG
We feel rejected, unworthy and unloved when we don’t HUG
Almost like there is “a distance” between us

When people meet and/or greet one another
1. They say “Hello”
2. They shake hands
3. They HUG
4. They kiss – lips or cheeks – depending on familiarity or tradition

Usually EVERYONE does number 1 above
2, 3 and 4 depend on tradition, relationship and/or the way you were brought up
2, 3 and 4 can cause hurt and misunderstanding when used by some and not by others
Not everyone is comfortable with 2, 3 and 4

Childhood is usually where all of the above is established
Children who have been abused
Will more likely struggle with all 4
Fear can totally neutralise a person as regards any form of greeting

Children who been held, cuddled, hugged
Seen their parents show signs of love and affection openly
Will more easily embrace all 4

These are the two extremes and most of us come somewhere inbetween
Moulded by what has been done to us or not
Affected by what we have observed or not seen
Changed by what has been spoken
Either in a definite way
Or misunderstood by us and hurt perceived that was not intended

And yet…
Most of us when we come to realise who God is…
And recognise Him as a father, The Father…
Have a picture of running towards Him and jumping into His arms
Of hugging and being kissed and LOVED

Now WHERE do we get THAT idea from?
Because THAT is a pretty Universal picture
Even for those who struggle to DO THAT
Have THAT picture in their hearts

WHY is that?
Could it be something He has already PUT in us
For WE ARE made in His image, His likeness

And if THAT is how He understands love and greeting and acceptance
Why then do we struggle so much with it in this life?

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