What do you want…?

“What do you want Me to do for you?”
(Matthew 20:32)

The title for this Devotional
And what Jesus said
Are different…

Yet when we read what Jesus said
To the two blind men
We may NOT see any difference

Because it was obvious…
They wanted their sight
They wanted to be able to SEE

But think about this for a minute…
What was it that Jesus SAID
That was different from my title?

And I will write it slightly differently
To show you what I mean…
“What do you want ME to do for you?”

The emphasis is on the “ME”

Jesus wasn’t ONLY asking them
What they wanted
For that WAS obvious

But He was asking them
What did they want from HIM

You see my point is that so often
We have “wants” and “needs”
And we don’t really care
Who we get them from
Or where we get them from

All that matters is that we GET

But Jesus wants to give us so much more
And He is asking if you want Him
As well as the “thing”
That you are asking Him FOR

Since He is God and He is love
His nature is only to give
What we truly want and ask for

He will NOT bless us more than we want

He does want to bless us so much
But He will not do it against our will

So in a way He asked the two blind men
Do you want to be healed
And do you want Me?

“They said to Him,
“Lord, that our eyes may be opened.”
So Jesus had compassion
and touched their eyes.
And immediately their eyes
received sight,
and they followed Him.”
(Matthew 20:33 – 34)

Notice their response
They called Him “Lord”
“and they followed Him”

Sad to say…
So many people today
Receive their healing
But want nothing to do with Jesus

They do NOT consider Him as “Lord”
And have no intention of “following” Him

They will come to Him to GET
What they WANT and what they NEED

But when satisfied or healed
They go BACK to whatever
They were doing before…
Forgetting the One who met their need

We need to ensure that we have
The same attitude as these two
Blind men

And come to Jesus for not only
What He can give us
But also come to Jesus for HIM

As I said above…
Jesus WILL bless us with
Whatever we ask for

But He has so much more to give us
If we will follow Him

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