What are you willing to do…?

What are you willing to do…?
What are you prepared to do…?
To get to Jesus…?

Now some may simply say:
“Go to church”

But think about it for a minute…
Are you truly SEEKING Jesus
When you go to church?

Or is it just something you do…?
Maybe to enjoy the worship?
And have a good time

Do you hang on every Word…
Eager to learn more about Him?
Do you long and want
To KNOW Him better…?


“Immediately many gathered together,
so that there was no longer room
to receive them,
not even near the door.
And He preached the word to them.”
(Mark 2:2)

Clearly these people were KEEN

Are we like that?

“And when they could not come
near Him because of the crowd,
they uncovered the roof
where He was.
So when they had broken through,
they let down the bed
on which the paralytic was lying.”
(Mark 2:4)

What lengths are we prepared
To go to in order to get closer
To Jesus?

Now again,
Jesus is no longer here

How much do we read…
How often do we talk about…
How readily do we take opportunities…

How REAL is Jesus…
To ME?
To US?

Is He Lord?

Or is He simply someone
We know something about?

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