Victory Life is better than living life as a Victim

“God gives us His Grace and love
We can choose to live in His victory
Or as a victim of our circumstances.
Choose life, live to and In His victory
Fully charged. Amen”
(A Disciple of Jesus Christ)

Life is a selection of choices
And some we will make many times a day

A good friend shared the above quote
With me, her own.

God gives us His Grace and His love
And we can choose to live in
The Victory that His Grace and love bring

This does not happen by accident
But very definitely happens on purpose
We get to choose to live in Victory
And God gives us the means to do so
Because we choose to be focused on Him

On the other hand, we also get to choose
To be a Victim.
It does not just happen.
We choose to live that way
Mainly because our focus is on ourselves:
What he/she did to ME…
What they said about ME…
You don’t know what they did to ME…

Now bad things do happen
And sometimes people do horrible things
To other people, hurtful things – at times
I am not saying that these things don’t happen
Because THEY DO…

But we get to choose whether or not
We LIVE there and REMAIN the Victim

Even as former Victims…
God’s Grace and Love can CHANGE us
Into people who LIVE in Victory

It’s simply a matter of CHOICE

I’ve lived much of my life as a Victim
This ends today
I choose instead to live in Victory
His Victory by His Grace and His Love

Don’t let your past RULE your present

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