Two Blind Men Healed

“When Jesus departed from there,
two blind men followed Him,
crying out and saying,
“Son of David, have mercy on us!”
(Matthew 9:27)

Jesus has just left the ruler’s house
After healing his daughter

And two blind men followed Him

Perhaps these men had heard
About the ruler’s daughter
After all, many people had gathered
To mourn for her

But now that she was alive
Maybe they should follow this Jesus too
Maybe He could heal them

“And when He had come into the house,
the blind men came to Him.
And Jesus said to them,
“Do you believe that I am able to do this?”
They said to Him, “Yes, Lord.””
(Matthew 9:28)

Jesus asked a direct question:
“Do you believe…”
“Do you believe that I am able to do this?”

Most of us would agree with the first question
The second question might NOT have the
Same assurance

Now I know there was only one question
But I have asked it this way
As I believe many people think in this way…

Certainly, WE believe
BUT will I get better?
Will I be healed?

And this is probably where we fall down
So often when faced with a problem of faith

Belief HAS to do with Jesus
Sickness is personal

We know that Jesus CAN
But will He do it for ME…?

But if we HEAR the question
The way that the two blind men heard it:
“Do you believe that I am able to do this?”

Our answer also, surely should be…
Because it all has to do with JESUS

“Then He touched their eyes, saying,
“According to your faith let it be to you.” 
And their eyes were opened.”
(Matthew 9:29)

Jesus touched their eyes
Jesus spoke…
And they were healed

Now Jesus said that it was
“According to their faith”
There WAS belief on their part

But that belief was totally IN Jesus

“And Jesus sternly warned them, saying,
“See that no one knows it.” “
(Matthew 9:30)

Matthew doesn’t explain
Why Jesus said this

“But when they had departed,
they spread the news about Him
in all that country.”
(Matthew 9:31)

And yet that is exactly what they did do

This may be more obvious to people
Who wouldn’t want to share the miracle
Of their healing

And this perhaps gives us the insight
Into Jesus’ warning

People don’t tend to believe something
Unless they see it for themselves

And the doubt and unbelief
That could follow would have been
Detrimental to the faith of the two
Newly SEEING men

Sometimes it is wise for us
To withdraw and build our faith in God
So that we are strong enough
To go and share with others

Later in the Bible we read about Paul
Instructing Timothy about how to deal
With positions of authority

“not a novice,
lest being puffed up with pride
he fall into the same condemnation
as the devil.”
(1 Timoth 3:6)

These two men may have been tempted
To take the glory for having been healed
Rather than focusing on Jesus
Who is the Healer

Whatever the reason
It is important to remain focused on Jesus

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