Trust in the Lord with all your heart…

This is the third morning, in a row, that I have not been up early and gone outside to spend time with Him
I am up early – 6:00am to be precise
And straightaway I was talking with Him

“Was there any need for me to go outside?”, I asked
And He said a resounding, “NO”

Outside there were and are – NO distractions
He needed me “there” to get my attention
With nothing but my iPhone (the camera App being the thing of importance)
I began to “see” things I had never SEEN before

As I have mentioned, in previous posts
It’s not that I had never seen things before
It’s just that I had never been looking…
Never paying attention…
I had been too busy, to notice…

Does this mean that my early morning walks are OVER?
Definitely NOT
But they are truly in perspective for me
God talks to me – in the Quiet times
NOT my “Quiet Time”
But HIS…

For me, in my life, in my life experiences…
His Quiet Time has been between the hours of midnight and about 7:00am
Usually around 3:00am, though not specifically at that precise moment

And so this morning I woke up to a text
At about 6:00am (though the text had been sent at about 3:00am)
(God was speaking to someone else in His Quiet Time)
And He began to speak to me immediately

Scriptures came to mind:Proverbs 3:5 – 8
Philemon 1:6
Ephesian 1:15 – 23

People came to mind…
People, who like me, had failed
At least, had failed in the “eyes of the world”
People who did not amount to much
People who could no longer be useful
Because of their failures

People who probably, more than others
Had the tendency to “look down” on themselves
See themselves, as others did…
Of no consequence

The list could go on
And many of you, who have read this far and are still reading
Have other titles to add to my list

BUT this is where things CHANGE
Because we have HAD an encounter with Almighty God
1 Corinthians 1:27 – 29
In the midst of our “brokenness”
He reached out to us

When everyone else had given up on us
We became “useable” to Him

So look back on the scriptures I have mentioned today
READ them and meditate on them
Let God speak to you
And allow His love and care for you – to speak to you
Be encouraged – that you DO have value
Value to the One who made you

Do NOT see yourself as the world sees you
Rather see yourself as He sees you

In finishing, let me refer back to the people…
“People, who like me, had failed
At least, had failed in the “eyes of the world””

Of all the people I had thought of…
Everyone one of them has an established ministry for God
Each of them is making a difference in the Kingdom of God
Affecting the lives of people
Seeing people set free – for and to God

They very definitely have VALUE
Kingdom Value
And they now see themselves as who they are IN Christ
As I do…

What about you?
Do you…?

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