Have you ever wondered
Or thought about a tree?

Strange question, I know
They are simply – THERE
Aren’t they…?
Why would you think about a tree…?

I was looking out my window
Seeing the different types of tree
Just outside my bedroom
The various colours
Different heights and varied foliage

And God started to speak into my heart
“What do you see, Alan?”
“I see greens and other colours, Lord”
(I’ll not embarrass myself or offend those
Who have a greater appreciation for colour
Than me – to try and name what I was looking at)

“I see leaves, twigs, branches,
Dense foliage.
I see the movement caused by the wind.
I see tall trees
I see solid trunks”

And He spoke to me and said:
“And they each started with a SEED”

Some bigger seeds than others
But each seed, on the whole
Being small – easily held
In the palm of your hand

WHAT a great tree
Grew from such a small SEED

And God said:
“That is how I see you, Alan
Like a tree
Grown from the SEED of My Word
Watered over the years
By My Holy Spirit as He has led
You into ALL truth
Grounded with strong roots
In Jesus My Son, your Saviour”

My prayer (this is me speaking)
Is that this same picture
Will be true for you too
As you read these words
Of the picture My Daddy
Painted for me

May God richly bless all
Who have cause
To read these words

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