Traditions and Doctrines of men

“At evening, when the sun had set,
they brought to Him all who were sick
and those who were demon-possessed.
And the whole city was gathered
together at the door.
Then He healed many who were sick
with various diseases,
and cast out many demons;
and He did not allow
the demons to speak,
because they knew Him.”
(Mark 1:32 – 34)

When I first glimpsed at this passage
My thought was:
“Why are they coming at night time?”
“What or who are they afraid of?”

Clearly these people DID want
The help of Jesus:
“And the whole city was gathered
together at the door. “
(Mark 1:33)

And then I realised that this was still
The Sabbath…

Jesus had cast a demon out of a man
While He was inside the synagogue

He then had gone into Simon
And Andrew’s house and healed
Simon’s mother-in-law
(On the same Sabbath day)

So for Jesus, healing and doing good
Was something that He did
On the Sabbath…
As well as on any other day…

But for these people…
The fear of the Pharisees and scribes

Their interpretation of the Law
As well as all the other EXTRA laws
That they had added to it…
Caused the people to do NOTHING
On the Sabbath, apart from
Going to the synagogue…

So when it ws evening…
And sunset had happened…
And it was now DARK…
They flocked to Jesus

And as always
Jesus did not disappoint

But as you read this…
What Traditions of men
Are you allowing to STOP you
From coming to Jesus?

What Doctrines are you “holding fast to”
Which don’t entirely “ring true”
Either in your heart or your mind?

Indeed the little or the much
Of the Bible that you are familiar with
Seems to say something different
Than these Traditions and Doctrines…

Hopefully this journey that we have
Been on, this year, through Matthew
And now Mark…
Is starting to challenge and even
Dispel these Traditions and Doctrines
Which quite honestly have come
From “men” rather than from GOD

A simple reading of the Gospels
Makes a lot of sense
And opens our hearts to Jesus

Continue to read
And learn from Him
Draw close to Him
And fellowship with Him
Your Saviour and your Lord

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