Three Lessons

Matthew 9:18 – 26

In my Bible this section of Matthew 9
Has the following Title:
“A Girl Restored to Life and a Woman Healed”

Two people impacted by the life
And ministry of Jesus

But there were three lessons
That spoke to me as I read this

  1. The healing of the ruler’s daughter
  2. The woman with the flow of blood
  3. And what Jesus said

“While He spoke these things to them,
behold, a ruler came and worshiped Him,
saying, “My daughter has just died,
but come and lay Your hand on her
and she will live.””

So the ruler CAME to Jesus

Do you come to Jesus?
Do you worship Him, when you come?
Do you speak your faith, for what you want?

Or do you just talk about it
And complain that nothing is working…

Do you ignore Jesus
Because you can’t spare the time
You are too busy…

Do you speak so much doubt and unbelief
That it is difficult to know the difference
Between what is Faith and what is Fear

This ruler BELIEVED that Jesus
Not only was ABLE to heal his daughter
But had no doubt that He would…
If only Jesus would come
And lay His hand on his daughter

“And suddenly,
a woman who had a flow of blood
for twelve years came from behind
and touched the hem of His garment.
For she said to herself,
“If only I may touch His garment,
I shall be made well.””
(Matthew 9:20 – 21)

A woman CAME to Jesus, secretly
And only just TOUCHED His clothes
For she had SPOKEN her FAITH

This woman, like the ruler, came to Jesus
Knowing and believing she would be healed

“He said to them,
“Make room, for the girl is not dead, but sleeping.”
And they ridiculed Him.”
(Matthew 9:24)

Now before we consider this
Remember what I mentioned in my sermon
Yesterday, on Sunday 21st February 2021

Jesus is and was:
Son of God
Son of Man

He was the same as us – human
Except He was without SIN

And as He spoke to the Disciples in John 14
Not only would we DO the same things that He did
But GREATER things than these would we do
Because we believe in Him

When Jesus SPOKE those words to the crowd
Gathered around, mourning for the ruler’s daughter
He did so by FAITH, believing what the
Holy Spirit had told Him

Would YOU be bold enough to do and say
What the Holy Spirit lays on your heart?

Now this is where all THREE Lessons come together
For the ruler, the woman and Jesus
All spoke out loud, their FAITH

Each for the purpose of HEALING

Will you do likewise…?

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