There may be consequences…

Newton’s third Law of Motion:
For every action,
there is an
equal and opposite reaction.

Or you could consider:
Cause and Effect

But sometimes the reaction
Does NOT seem to fit

Earlier in Matthew 7:24 – 27
Jesus spoke about a house being built
The wise man built his house on rock
Whereas the foolish man
Built his house on sand

Now why am I saying this?

Have you ever stopped to consider
What it MAY mean to be a Christian?
What the consequences could be
Of choosing to follow Jesus?

Now most people think of heaven
Or a relationship with God:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit

And these are very good reasons
To follow Jesus as a Disciple

But usually it means something else…
Usually there is a cost
A consequence of following Him

YES – you do get to spend eternity
With Him in heaven
And while you live here on earth

And He has paid the price
To make that possible
Which we accept as a FREE gift

But not everybody will agree with you
Not everybody will like your choice
And many will oppose you

Some opposition will be light and subtle
You may lose some friends
Your family may think you are mad

But other opposition
May be more severe
Even extreme…

Which brings me to Matthew 14:1 – 12

John the Baptist was a mighty man of God
And he was used mightily by God
In “preparing the way” for Jesus

He knew whom he believed in
And spoke out boldly
Unafraid of the people he met
For he knew what God had said to him
And he knew that God was with him

And because of the truth
That he spoke to one person
He literally LOST his head…

So have you “counted the cost”?

Now please do realise that
NOT everybody will face death
Like John the Baptist

And I am sure he never thought
That that would happen to him

But then many of the Disciples
Of Jesus faced sudden death
Simply because they were Disciples of Jesus…
And I said “many” and not ALL

So what about you…?
Have you counted the cost?
Does following Jesus
Mean that much to you?

Hopefully you don’t desire
To die for Jesus…
But are you willing to
If it came to it…?

READ Matthew 14:1 – 12

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