There is more than one way

And YET, there is only ONE way
To the Father
And His name is JESUS

But there is more than one way – to worship God
People get caught up in their way being “the ONLY way”

“Be still and know that I am God”
(Psalm 46:10)
I think the Quakers have this one “to a T”
And yet being still
And knowing that He is God
Is a practice for most, if not all, of us

Raising our hands in praise and worship
Is associated with the Pentecostals
Yet is from the Hebrew word “YADAH”
Meaning to throw out the hand
In praise and worship
“YAD” – hand

Isn’t it funny, though
That this is what people “naturally” do at various sports
Especially when they get excited
Or when their Team wins a point or points
“Jump up and down with their hands in the air”

Using music or NOT
Type of music…
One instrument – church organ or maybe guitar?

We all seem to have our favourite
And sometimes allow ourselves to get carried away
And begin to “insist” that our way is “the ONLY way”

Let’s choose to be more gracious
And realise that there is more than ONE way
To allow people to be “different”
Especially when they “DON’T” join in with us in OUR way

So long as, of course, when we are talking about praise and worship
And NOT to be confused with getting to the Father
Which from the Christian perspective
There is still only ONE way to the Father
And His name is Jesus
(John 14:6)

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