The unpardonable sin

“Therefore I say to you,
every sin and blasphemy
will be forgiven men,
but the blasphemy against
the Spirit will not be forgiven men.
Anyone who speaks a word against
the Son of Man,
it will be forgiven him;
but whoever speaks against
the Holy Spirit,
it will not be forgiven him,
either in this age
or in the age to come.”
(Matthew 12:31 – 32)

What does it mean to blaspheme
Or to speak against the Holy Spirit?

This seems confusing
And may even cause fear to arise
In some who think they have
Already done this…

As serious as this may be
I think it is the WRONG question

I stumbled over this for a while
When I first read it
But asked the Lord:
“What does this mean?”

And when I read it again
“Therefore” jumped out at me

In order to find out
What it is THERE FOR

“Now when the Pharisees heard it they said,
“This fellow does not cast out demons
except by Beelzebub,
the ruler of the demons.””
(Matthew 12:24)

Simply put – Jesus cast out the demon
By the power of the Holy Spirit

The Pharisees said He did it
By the power of the devil
Which is who Beelzebub is

THIS is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

It is NOT about calling the Holy Spirit “names”
Or cursing the Holy Spirit

Rather it is about attributing the work
Of the Holy Spirit to the devil
And those who do this
Will NOT be forgiven

The ultimate blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
Is to deny that Jesus is the Only Way to the Father

When someone refuses to accept Jesus
As the Only Saviour of the world
And refuses to accept Him as their Saviour

They commit the unpardonable sin

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