The unpardonable sin

Many people have talked about
And considered…
What the unpardonable sin IS…?

And quite frankly
I believe that many
Have been in search
Of something mysterious…

So much so…
That they have missed
The obvious…

“Assuredly, I say to you,
all sins will be forgiven
the sons of men,
and whatever blasphemies
they may utter;
but he who blasphemes
against the Holy Spirit
never has forgiveness,
but is subject to
eternal condemnation”
(Mark 3:28 – 29)

The key, I believe
Is in what Jesus says
At the very end…

“but is subject to
eternal condemnation”
(Mark 3:29)

“And when He has come,
He will convict the world of sin…
of sin,
because they do not believe in Me”
(John 16:8 – 9)

“when He (the Holy Spirit) has come”
(John 16:8)

The role of the Holy Spirit
Is to convict the world of SIN

ONE sin…

The SIN of NOT
Believing IN Jesus…

Our sins of unforgiveness…
Murder and adultery…
(Remember Jesus taught
That if you thought it
It was as if you had done it)
Slander, bitterness


Will NOT keep us OUT of Heaven
NOR will they SEND us to Hell…

Jesus died for
And PAID for those sins
When He died at Calvary
Upon the cross

Past, Present and Future
Tense sins…

But NOT believing in Jesus
As this is the SIN
Against the Holy Spirit

But HOW?
I hear you say…

“because they said,
“He has an unclean spirit.” “
(Mark 3:30)

The people did NOT
Recognise the Holy Spirit
IN Jesus…

They did NOT
Recognise Jesus as God

And ONLY God
In the form of Jesus
Can give eternal life
To all who believe in Him

Anyone who rejects Jesus
IS blaspheming against
The Holy Spirit

Anyone who will NOT
Accept Jesus as Saviour
IS blaspheming against
The Holy Spirit

Anyone who says
That Jesus is of the devil
IS blaspheming against
The Holy Spirit
(Mark 3:22)

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