The Loveless Church

“To the angel of the
church of Ephesus write…”
(Revelation 2:1)

“I know your works,
your labor, your patience,
and that you cannot bear
those who are evil.
And you have tested
those who say
they are apostles
and are not,
and have found them liars;
and you have persevered
and have patience,
and have labored
for My name’s sake
and have not become weary.”
(Revelation 2:2 – 3)

Jesus starts by praising
The church in Ephesus

For their work with perseverance
Dedication for His name’s sake
And have not become weary…

They have opposed evil
And had nothing to do with it

High praise indeed…

Even to the lengths
Of opposing those who
Claimed to be believers
But were NOT…
They were LIARS…

Are we like that?
Personally or in our churches?

Or do we “turn a blind eye”?
Not wanting to “offend”?

We might feel hypocritical
To dare to accuse others
And so claim to be better
Than those we oppose?

“Easier just to say NOTHING…”?

I have this against you,
that you have left your first love.”
(Revelation 2:4)


“Jesus, lover of my soul”

Surely…we are NOT guilty
Of this…?

We DO seek first His kingdom
And His righteousness…
Don’t we…?

“But this you have,
that you hate the deeds
of the Nicolaitans,
which I also hate.”
(Revelation 2:6)

We may not be familiar
With the Nicolatitans…

A reference is made to
Them again, later in
This chapter…
To the church in Pergamos

“But I have a few things
against you,
because you have there
those who hold the
doctrine of Balaam,
who taught Balak
to put a stumbling block
before the children of Israel,
to eat things
sacrificed to idols,
and to commit
sexual immorality.”
(Revelation 2:14)

YES – you read that correctly
There were people,
In the churches…
Committing these kinds
Of things…

But the Ephesians
Opposed them and
Spoke out against them
And “hated” their deeds
Just as Jesus hated
Their deeds also…

TWO things:
Eating things sacrificed
To idols…
And committing
Sexual immorality…

The second we are
All too well aware of
In the 21st Century…

But what about the first…?

You see the new Christians
Were still living under Roman

And any food bought
In the market place
Would have been sacrificed
To Roman gods and deities…

So what about us today…

“Surely you can’t be
Suggesting that we eat
Food sacrificed to idols…?

Not in our own homes…

But what about when
You “Eat Out”?

Or when you bring food in…
From a “Carry Out”?

Is the food prepared…
Like it was, under the Romans
To their gods and deities…?

“He who has an ear,
let him hear what the Spirit
says to the churches.
To him who overcomes
I will give to eat
from the tree of life,
which is in the midst
of the Paradise of God.”
(Revelation 2:7)

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