The Lord is my Shepherd

“The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want.”
(Psalm 23:1)

This is the first of a series
On Psalm 23

King David wrote this Psalm
When he was being chased
By his enemies

At a time when he had to
Encourage himself
In the Lord…

And so he started the Psalm
By saying:
“The Lord is my shepherd”
(Psalm 23:1)

The term “The Lord”
Refers to the Lord God, Almighty

For us today, we might say
“The Lord Jesus Christ”

Either way the term does not
Simply refer to someone, to God
But refers as much to a position
A position of authority…

The Lord God, or
The Lord Jesus Christ
Gives God, Jesus…
The position of “Lordship”
In our lives…

Whatever He says – goes…
He is the BOSS of my life…
He IS God and I am NOT

And I believe this was true for
King David when he wrote
This Psalm…

“The Lord is my shepherd”
(Psalm 23:1)

Sheep are mentioned quite often
In the entire Bible

In the Old Testament the people
The children of Israel
Ate a Lamb and spread its blood
Over the doorposts
At the first Passover…

John the Baptist referred to Jesus:
“Behold! The Lamb of God
who takes away the sin of the world!”
(John 1:29)

Then later on in John:
“I am the good shepherd.”
(John 10:11)

Jesus refers to Himself
As being the “good shepherd”

So when King David says:
“The Lord is my shepherd”
(Psalm 23:1)

He is counting himself
As being a SHEEP

We too should see ourselves as SHEEP:
“I am the good shepherd;
and I know My sheep,
and am known by My own.”
(John 10:14)

So the “Lord” is the Lord Jesus
And the “shepherd” is also..
The Lord Jesus…

And can we agree with King David
That He is also “MY” shepherd…?

“The Lord is my shepherd”
(Psalm 23:1)

Because when we come to
The realisation of this truth:
“The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want.”
(Psalm 23:1)

We shall not WANT…

King David was being pursued…
He was discouraged…
He was feeling low…
Everyone was against him…
(Or at least he felt that way)

How often do we “feel” like that?
Maybe you don’t…
But if you ever do…
Take courage from King David…
And remind yourself of
Whose you are – “the Lord’s”

Realise you are like a sheep
Who has the Lord Jesus
As their own, personal shepherd

Who will provide for you
So that you shall not want…

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