The heavens declare the glory of God

What a beautiful morning
As I look up at the blue morning sky
With the wisps of cloud flying high

Indeed, the heavens DO declare the glory of God…
Psalm 19

It’s as if He is smiling down upon us
Loving us

How can we not think of Him
When we behold the clear blue sky
With the early morning sun
Rising in the East

This is how God encouraged Abraham
Take time and look up…
See the wonders of creation
God is pleased with you
He is not angry

At night Abraham saw the many stars
And thought of his inheritance
Children more numerous than the stars

As he walked on the sand
His inheritance would be greater than the grains of sand

The blue sky in the morning
Spoke of God’s pleasure with him
And His favour towards him

Nothing has changed
The blessings God had for Abraham
Are the same blessings for us today
Favour, increase, mercy, healing, grace…

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