The God of Relationship

Psalm 23

A really well known Psalm
A popular Psalm
Everybody knows it
Knows what it says
Or, at least, are familiar with it

Or do they…?

I was reading a Devotional
By Joseph Prince
This morning…

And Joseph said:
“Take a moment and read
the psalm for yourself
in your Bible.”

And I immediately thought
“Why should I…
After all – I know it”

But then I felt I should
So I turned to Psalm 23
And read it…

It’s not that long ago
Since I wrote on Psalm 23
The beginning of this year
To be exact…

But as I read it…
I saw something …
I hadn’t seen before…

“The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want.”
(Psalm 23:1)

Nothing out of the ordinary here
This is the start of the Psalm

But then I noticed this…

“He makes me…
He leads me…
(Psalm 23:2)

“He restores…
He leads me…
For His name’s sake”
(Psalm 23:3)

King David is talking
About the Lord
From a distance…
In the third person

King David is talking about
What “The Lord”
What “He” will do
For King David…

Since King David started with
“The Lord is my shepherd”
And talks about what “He”
Will do for me “King David”

THEN in verse 4 it changes…

To being personal:
“For You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff,
they comfort me.”
(Psalm 23:4)

“You prepare a table…
You anoint my head…”
(Psalm 23:5)

King David is now
Talking to the Lord

And I was so glad
I was obedient
And re-read Psalm 23…

For He showed me this
And it talks about

OUR relationship with Jesus
Which starts off from a distance
But becomes personal
And friendly
And intimate…

Almighty God KNOWS us
And wants us to KNOW Him
On a 1st Name basis

His Name is JESUS

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