The God of 2nd Chances…

God is so GOOD

I was sitting in my study, this morning
Just talking to Him
Looking into my Daddy’s eyes
Thanking Him for loving me

And I said:
“Thank You for asking Jesus to come to us
Thank You for loving us so much
That You were willing to give us a 2nd chance”

You see, God had already made everything PERFECT
And He placed Adam into perfection
Or rather, He created Adam, made him out of
What was already perfect

The very dirt of the ground
That we would consider as
Not being very nice
Was in the beginning

And Adam and Eve managed
To mess things up

So God sent Jesus
Perfect Man and perfect God
Son of Man and Son of God
To give us a 2nd chance
Because He loves us

But this time
God does it ALL
Jesus puts everything back into order
And through Him (Jesus)
We can have it all
Just like Adam and Eve
Before the Fall

If ONLY we will believe and receive
Believe and receive WHAT?
Not WHAT but rather WHOM – Jesus
The perfect answer for everything

I know this may sound “cheesy”
But it doesn’t matter what your question may be
But the answer will always be JESUS

The real question is:
“Will you believe and trust in Him
As being the answer, the solution, for all things?”

Whatever you desire in this life
Believe and trust in Jesus
In order to be in heaven with God forever
Believe and trust in Jesus

Thank You Lord

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