The fish are biting

The fish are biting

I felt led this morning to go for a drive
Down to a Quay at the lough shore’s edge
I walked out to the end of the jetty
And stood admiring the scene
Not dissimilar to the one above

As I stood there, it started to rain
At first I was hit by a few light drops of rain water
And then it was pretty surreal
The rain was landing on the water around me
But NOT on me!

It was like I was in the middle of a shower of rain
Watching the rain drops dance across the water
While I stood there watching
Dry as a bone

And as I watched, the rain hitting the water
At first as little droplets, here and there
Fish started to bite

Almost as if the droplets were flies
Landing upon the water
And the fish came to the surface to feed

And God spoke to me…

As Christians, we should be in the business of scattering seed
Dropping phrases, here and there
Sharing nuggets of truth with people, with anyone

And like the water, this morning
There are those who will come to the surface
To “feed” on God’s Word

Indeed, what He was showing me
Was that there are MORE people
Than we often realise
Waiting, looking, watching for that Word of TRUTH

So be encouraged Saints
And keep sharing your faith
For there are more people who want what you have
Than you realise…

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