The Final Three Churches

In Revelation chapter 3
We read about Three Churches:
The Dead Church
The Faithful Church and
The Lukewarm Church

The Dead Church
“You have a name
that you are alive,
but you are dead”
(Revelation 3:1)


Now we know that this is prophetic
As it is in the Book of Revelation
And probably refers to a church
That has existed
And is now gone…
(The church in Sardis)


How many of us are living
In this kind of Church?

Or, how many of us think we know
A church like this…?

A church that appears to be…

Maybe “doing” the “In thing”
Attracting “loads of people”

But if you simply scratch the surface…
Or spend a little time there…
You discover…
That in reality…
It is a DEAD church

It’s all a sham…

The Faithful Church
I have set before you an open door,
and no one can shut it;
for you have a little strength,
have kept My word,
and have not denied My name.”
(Revelation 3:8)

This Church seems to simply
Go about being “faithful”

There is no sense of “pomp”
Or “shouting from the roof tops”
Simply, faithfully being Church

And then there is…
The Lukewarm Church
“You are neither cold nor hot”
(Revelation 3:15)

Like the faithful Church
But clearly NOT faithful

These final three Churches
May, to the person looking
In from the outside…
Have the appearance
Of being the same…

But are three very different

On reflection…
Consider where you worship
And see if there are any similarities
To the churches here in Revelation 3

Perhaps even the churches
In Revelation 2…

As always…
We have a lot to learn from the Bible
But would do well
To consider these seven churches
To ensure we take the best from them
And put Jesus first in all things…

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