The Compromising Church

This title, pretty much says it all…

The church in Pergamos
(Revelation 2:12)
Was one that compromised…

They did believe…
“I know your works…
And you hold fast to My name,
and did not deny My faith”
(Revelation 2:13)

“But I have a few things against you,
because you have there those
who hold the doctrine of Balaam,
who taught Balak to put
a stumbling block
before the children of Israel,
to eat things sacrificed to idols,
and to commit sexual immorality.
Thus you also have those
who hold the doctrine
of the Nicolaitans,
which thing I hate.”
(Revelation 2:14 – 15)

All of the above was ALLOWED
To take place within
The church at Pergamos…

But they also COMPROMISED…
By allowing and NOT challenging
These Satanic practices
(Revelation 2:13)

Even as I write that…
And as you have just read it…
How could this possibly be…?

Good Christian living and worship
Alongside Satanic practices…

How can those two opposing
Lifestyles and practices
Go together…?

Whoever would allow
Such a thing to happen?

And yet…
Are we not guilty
So often…
Of exactly the same thing…?

“He who has an ear,
let him hear
what the Spirit says
to the churches.”
(Revelation 2:17)

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