The Bible

People talk about the Bible
As if it were just ONE book

And in a way – it is
We can hold it in our hands
As one complete book

Yet at the same time
It is made up of 66 books
39 Books in the OT, and
27 Books in the NT

But many people
When they read the Bible
Talk and think about it
Like it is just ONE Book
Which starts in Genesis 1:1
And finishes in Revelation 22:21

And it does…
And yet it is not meant to be READ…
Like a “normal” Book
Say like a novel, for example

I have just mentioned the OT and NT
OT – Old Testament
NT – New Testament
But I believe there is a third section…
The Gospels:
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

I say this since they act like a “bridge”
Joining the OT to the NT

But more than that
As what is written in the OT
Cannot be applied directly to us today
Since we live in the NT and beyond

Let me try and explain:
“On the last day,
that great day of the feast,
Jesus stood and cried out, saying, 
“If anyone thirsts,
let him come to Me and drink. 
He who believes in Me,
as the Scripture has said, 
out of his heart will
flow rivers of living water.” 
But this He spoke
concerning the Spirit,
whom those believing
in Him would receive;
for the Holy Spirit was not yet given, 
because Jesus was not yet glorified.”
(John 7:37 – 39)

Jesus is speaking about
What is going to happen…
Those who heard Him speak
(And believed)
Would only receive
After the Day of Pentecost
Which was after His death,
Resurrection and ascension

For on that first Pentecost
The Holy Spirit was poured out on all flesh
And God has not taken His Spirit back again
The Holy Spirit is still with us today
For all who believe

Since the Holy Spirit was ONLY
Made available for everyone at Pentecost
That MUST mean that NOT everyone
Had the Holy Spirit in the OT
And indeed in the Gospels

Now obviously Jesus had…
But when He left, the Holy Spirit came
As Jesus talked about in John 14 & 16

So the Bible cannot be read as one book
As it must be understood from
Different viewpoints

God visited with His people
In the OT but did not indwell them

Jesus dwelt with the people in the Gospels
But the Holy Spirit was only in Him

Since Pentecost in Acts(NT)… and beyond
The Holy Spirit indwells
ALL who believe in Jesus
So God TRULY is with us
And IN us

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