Thank goodness that’s over

How often have people said something like that:
“Thank goodness that’s over”

It could be after a visit to the Dentist.
Or maybe after an operation
In hospital which involved surgery.

For many people today, it might refer to 2020.
A year that most will try to forget because of COVID-19.
And yet, in so many other ways,
People will remember good things about 2020:

A marriage
A new born baby
A party, birthday or otherwise
A new job or perhaps even job promotion

You cannot make an accurate judgment
About anything based on one event.
Even if that one event is COVID-19.

We endured many things through “The Troubles”.
And yet life continued as normal for most.

It is true that the deaths
As a result of the virus or “The Troubles”
Were terrible for the recipients
And traumatic for their families and neighbours.
We can never diminish that

But until the virus struck,
Brexit was the focus of everyone
And it still is a major focus today,
Even though it might seem
Less important in comparison

The Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 10:12
That we are not wise to make comparisons.
Now I know that the Bible
Is talking about comparisons between people.
But perhaps we can use it in this instance too

We are in danger of losing our focus
When we compare between things.
When we try and make a judgment
Between the seriousness of different events.

Our focus as Christians should always be Jesus.
Even in the midst of serious events,
Jesus never changes.
He is always the same, yesterday, today and forever.
He is a constant that can be relied on.
No matter what we may be facing.
And He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us.

Perhaps rather than saying:
“Thank goodness that’s over”

We should be saying something like this:
“Thank you Jesus that you were with me during that.”
“I would have found it more difficult if I had been on my own.”

Praise God that with Him in our lives
We are never on our own.

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