Taking the limits off of God

How often do we limit God?

At first this seems 
Like a strange question

Most people will agree
That God can do anything
After all - He IS God!

But then why do we 
Not SEE Him doing 
What we believe He can...?

"Yes, again and again 
they tempted God,
And limited 
the Holy One of Israel."
(Psalm 78:41)

Psalm 78 is talking about
The children of Israel
In the desert for 40 years
And how they provoked God
And refused to believe Him
Thus "limiting" God...

How often are you and I
Guilty of the same thing...?

Eleven (11) years ago
I was buying a NEW car
(And still have it today)

To make a long story short...
My faith and belief in God
Was stretched when I bought
That car...

But I was talking to a friend
This morning...
And I started to remember
What has happened to me
In my life...
Over these past eleven years
Since taking that 
"Step of Faith"
And buying that particular car...

And I was SHOCKED...

Shocked in a GOOD way
As I recalled a number 
Of major and significant
Indeed miraculous things
That have happened 
In and through my life...

In a way 
It was like 
It dawned on me
For the first time...

That when I chose 
To believe and trust
God for something
That was "beyond" me...

He started to BLESS
Me and other people
That I just couldn't do
By myself...

It was like...
God "took the limits off"
And things started to happen
Because I trusted Him...

So what about you?

Do have a similar experience?

Or is there something
You could do right now?
Which "stretches" your faith?

You see God wants us to believe
And He wants GOOD things
To happen in our lives...

But He wants the GLORY
For the good things that happen
And is not willing to share
That with us or anyone...

Whenever we can say:
"I did such and such..."
God is probably NOT involved...

In the case of the 
Children of Israel
According to Psalm 78...

They limited God
And wandered around
In the desert 
For 40 years...

Entering the Promised Land
Took FAITH...

Where do you find yourself?
In the desert...?
Or in the Promised Land...?

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