Sunset in Lockdown

What a beautiful sunset, just before 9:00pm
The picture does not do the actual scene justice

As I stood…
Looking at the soft red sky
In the stillness – so quiet and peaceful

We may be in “Lockdown”
But the earth remains the same
It screams, in the silence, of the glory of God
The peace tells me of His goodness

A solitary bird flies across the sky
Daring to break or ruin the picture
I am about to take
But even the bird speaks of His faithfulness

The bird is totalling unaware of any “Lockdown”
It does not fret or worry
Indeed all its needs are met by Him

And so in a simple scene
He speaks to my heart
He whispers and says:
“Alan, all is well – I love you”
And my response is similar:
“I love you too, Lord
Thank you for loving me”

And so I take a photo
And rush up to my computer
To write this…

My prayer and hope
Is that this blesses you
As much as it has blessed me

Let Almighty God touch you
This evening
Let Him speak to you
Be it Our Father…
Or Jesus, His Son, our brother…
Or the Holy Spirit…
The gentle witness within

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