Study Bibles

There is a lot to be said
For simply reading the words
Of the Bible and praying / asking
God to help you to understand
What you have just read

At times you ALSO need HELP
And this help can come in
The form of a Concordance
Or a Study Bible

Even if you read the Bible
Using an App on your phone
Or computer, be it a Laptop
Or a Desktop, iPad…whatever

You should find notes along
With the text

In this passage in Matthew 12:1 – 8
There are many references to other
Parts of the Bible, which explain
Or refer to what Jesus is saying

Mark 2:23
Luke 6:1 – 5
Deuteronomy 23:25
Exodus 31:15
Exodus 35:2
1 Samuel 21:6

Are just some of the references

So you may or may not
Want to look these up
As they will give you more
Information about this passage

Having said that…
One verse jumped out at me
As I read over this passage

“Yet I say to you that in this place
there is One greater than the temple.”
(Mattew 12:6)

The Pharisees had been
Criticising the Disciples of Jesus
For doing something unlawful
On the Sabbath

And Jesus turns round and says this

It is amazing that they
Didn’t immediately
Try to KILL Him on the spot!

The temple, for the Jew
Was sacred and holy
Since God inhabited the
Holy of Holies, behind
The curtain – in the Temple

And yet Jesus was claiming to
Be GREATER than the Temple

Which, incidentally IS the truth
He is greater than the temple

These Jews / Pharisees were
Trapped in their own twistedness

And we need to beware that
We do not fall into the trap of
Being like them…

Or at best be able to identify
People who ARE like them
Trying to lead us astray

Remember the Pharisees WERE
Talking to the Messiah that they
Were believing for…

And yet they could NOT see Him

Many people SAY that they
Want to KNOW the truth

But their many questions
And reactions to the truth
Display a different story
(Just like the Pharisees)

Examine your heart…
And encourage people you meet
To do likewise…

Ensure your motives for doing things
Are godly and pure…

And all this from one simple verse
Matthew 12:6

To be honest, I did not look up
The various references that
I pointed out above

I did notice them
But chose to leave them
For now

Instead I listened to my heart
And have written what
I believe God has had me to write

I encourage you to do your own study
Dig deeper, if that is what God
Is saying to you…
Or like me, go with your heart…

The call to Discipleship
Is personal
Between you and Him

Do whatever He is saying to you…

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