Starting Point

What is your Starting Point?

I believe fundamentally
That there are TWO options

With God
Without God

Now I need to expand 
On this
A little bit

As most people will say
That they believe in God
Or at least acknowledge
That there is a God...

So when I ask about
Your Starting Point
I do so from the idea
Of what or where 
You believe 
Started or came from...

Generally those who 
I have classed as being 
"Without God"
Believe in the 
"Big Bang" theory
And / or that we come
Into being as a result of 

They have some Darwinian 
Notion that we have evolved
From apes and monkeys...

Now people who hold
This view or views like it
May still claim a belief
In God...

But their Starting Point
Is based in Evolution
And NOT in the teachings
Of God

So, on the other hand,
Those "With God"
Base their Starting Point
On what the Bible says...

They hold to the biblical
Story of Creation...

And they too may have
Some understanding about
The Sciences and aninmals
And how humans develop 
Over time...

But their belief...
Their Starting Point...
Is in Creation

There is a God
Who Created everything

We, the animals, birds, fish
Trees and mountains...
Indeed everything
Was created by God
On purpose and for a reason

Those who truly believe
In God and His way of 
Doing things...
Do not believe that we here
By accident or by chance...

So which is your Starting Point?

Or to put it another way...
What do you truly believe?

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