Standing Tall

A tree, is a tree, is a tree…
We all know what trees are
We know what they look like
They have a general shape
Though that can be so different, from tree to tree
Yet we ALL know and would recognise something as being a TREE

Most trees grow together, like in a forest
Or along the road side
But occasionally we come across a single tree
A tree out on its own
Like the one in the picture

it is STILL a tree
We could say it is a singular tree
It may, to some, seem strange, even peculiar because it is on its own
But it is still a TREE

In the Christian life
God calls some of us to “go it alone”
The path we walk on is different from our friends
We ALL are still Christians
But the way of the crowd
As good as it is
Is NOT for me

And yet I know
That what they are doing
And where they are going
Is good and right for them…
But it is NOT right for me…

They, on the other hand
Unfortunately and so often
Can NOT see my way
As being right for me
For they think like the crowd
They find security in numbers
And are afraid to “stand alone”

So when God speaks to your heart
And calls you to go with Him
To step out on your own
Be assured that you CAN
And stand tall – in Him

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