Sometimes it pays to look ahead…

I have mentioned before
That the Bible was NOT
Written with verses, chapters
And books

Rather it is a combination
Of Letters, usually, written
To various groups of people

The Translators and Compilers
Of the Bible Versions, we have today
Divided the Letters into verses,
Chapters and books to make it
Easier for us to read

Having that in mind we need
To have a fuller understanding
Of the context that the verse
Or verses that we are reading
Or studying is written in

Usually when a Section begins
With the word “therefore” I tell
You that you need to read the
Section before so that you can
Find out what it is “there for”

Forgive me for the long-winded
Explanation but I am now going
To advise you that it may be of
Benefit to you, sometimes, to
Read ahead…

“Assuredly, I say to you,
there are some standing here
who shall not taste death
till they see the Son of Man
coming in His kingdom.”
(Matthew 16:28)

This is one such verse as it
Comes at the end of chapter 16

It is slightly confusing since it
Follows this:
“For the Son of Man will come
in the glory of His Father with His angels,
and then He will reward each
according to his works.”
(Matthew 16:27)

Verse 27 is talking about the
2nd Comng of Jesus and we read
Verse 28 as if it is talking about
That time too

But if we think that, verse 28 does
Not make sense as Jesus has not
Yet returned and ALL the people
That Jesus was talking to are NOW

Matthew 17:1 – 13 gives us the
Correct explanation for
Matthew 16:28

As it tells us about Jesus being
Transfigured on the top of the
Mountain accompanied by three
Of His Disciples

These three Disciples THEN saw
“the Son of Man
coming in His kingdom.”
(Matthew 16:28)

So let me say it again…
Be careful when you read
The Bible in isolation…

Be that a verse or a passage

Always endeavour to read it
In context, mindful of the
Whole Bible which is TRUTH
And never contradict’s itself

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